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Anti Radiation Energy Card

Brief Description of the Product
♦ Improves Body’s Blood Circulation & Energy
♦ Protects you from harmful EMR- (Mobile / Tower Radiations) on the body
♦ Reduces toxin effects when placed in citrates packs & below alcohol
♦ Reduces stress, fatigue and vanishes body odor
♦ Even facilitates healthy growth for plants
♦ Can reduce odor in car and refrigerator.

♦ For all age group people - as a pocket friendly product for people using mobile phones and exposed to Tower radiations. ♦ For chain smokers and alcoholics.
♦ Just keep it in your pocket or close to your body.
♦ Smokers place cigars on the card for 15-20min to reduce its toxin effects.
♦ Alcoholics place it below the glass for 20mins.
Product Net price [All Inclusive]
550 INR
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