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Energy Briefs

Brief Description of the Product
♦ Enhances blood circulation of the reproductive system
♦ Improves Vigour Vitality (sexual stamina)
♦ Eliminates bacterial infections & piles
♦ Relieves from lower back pain (L1-L5)
♦ Helps in removing toxins, pains and urinary infections
♦ Relieves Menstrual problems & pain for women.
Children above 12yrs of age and all Adults – Men & Women can wear Energy Brief to be Energetic & live Healthy
All healthy people can use it as regular daily briefs  & specially people suffering from ♦ Diabetic ♦ Arthritis ♦ Joints pain ♦ Low vigour & vitality ♦ Urinary Infections ♦ Low sexual stamina ♦ Stones in kidney ♦ Piles  ♦ Excess of Body heat ♦ Women suffering from menstrual problems  ♦ Stress ♦ Detoxification 
♦ Wear Energy brief like normal briefs only 
♦ Wash the brief gently without brushing.
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2210 INR
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