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Energy Socks

Brief Description of the Product
♦   Faster muscle recovery and healing
♦   Heals your foot kracks gradually
♦   Feel refreshed in Energy and endurance
♦   Reduces pain, swelling and fatigue
♦   Enhanced comfort and Balanced body temperature
♦   Provides Natural massage to your Legs.
All healthy people can use for regular Daily usage. People suffering from ♦ Arthritis ♦  Joints pain ♦ Diabetic ♦ BP high or low ♦ Foot cracks ♦ Corns in the foot ♦ Knee & foot pain ♦ Swelling in foot and legs ♦ Numbness in foot ♦ Mainly advised for daily regular usage & during time of travelling.
♦ The Tourmaline ceramic buttons should touch your foot 
♦ Use it just like wearing normal socks & wash gently
Product Net price [All Inclusive]
1150 INR
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