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Slim Patch

Brief Description of the Product

► It reduces excess Fat/ Cholesterol in the abdomen region.
► It tightens the skin and Reduces the wrinkles and aging
► Since the patch consists natural extraction and applied externally their is no signs of Side effects.
► Since Slim patch is applied on the portion where it is required percentage of result is maximum


• Ginseng • elaterin • honeysuckle • aloe • five leafgynostemma herb • semen cassiae torae • folium nelumbinis • Barbary wolf-berry fruit and magnetic strip

Suggested For:

All adults suffering from obesity,high cholesterol excess weight,wrinkle skin on abdomen region.

How to Use:

Peel the sachet and apply it before you go to bed,apply it on the abdomen region as shown in the pic,allow it to say on your stomach for 12hrs.Recommended to use course of 1-3months.

Note : After applying patch you can work, eat and drink normally. Drink around 1ltr water early morning,with lemon drops.
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1900 INR
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