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Scalar Energy Pendant

Brief Description of the Product
♦  Provides 3 important Energies of  Nature- ( FIR of Agni/Sun,  Anions of Air & Scalar energy of Sky)
♦  Strengthens your respiratory system & enhances Immunity
♦  Protects our DNA 
♦  Provides you anti –cancer effects
♦  Helps in proper blood circulation 
♦  Boosts energy within the body by enhancing Metabolism  
♦  Improves your Concentration &  Reduces chronic inflammation
♦  Protects you from all harmful radiations 
♦  Gives a calming effect , Prevents clustering of red blood cells
Children above 7yrs of age and all adults men & women, can wear the energy lava pendant to be fit & healthy. Specially people who work in Stress.
All healthy people & people suffering from  ♦ Stress ♦ Asthma ♦ Alzheimer ♦ Heart diseases ♦ Arthritis ♦ Joints pain ♦ Diabetic ♦ BP high or low ♦ Gastric ♦ Thyroid ♦ Sinus ♦ Depression ♦ Detoxification ♦ Low sexual stamina ♦ Back pain ♦ Skin allergies & diseases ♦ Obesity ♦ Nervous problems ♦ Parkinson ♦ Alcoholics & smokers ♦ Often cold and fever
♦ Both Men or Women wear it on to your neck- chest level
♦ While you wear the pendant  the red colour FIR ball should touch your skin
Product Net price [All Inclusive]
2700 INR
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