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Anti Radiation Energy Card
Category: Wellness >> Anion Energy Card
Description: HEALTH BENIFITS:   ♦ Improves Body’s Blood Circulation & Energy ♦ Protects you from harmful EMR- (Mobile / Tower Radiations) on the body ♦ Reduces tox
Price (All Inclusive): Rs. 550
Bio Energy Bracelet
Category: Wellness >> Bio Energy Bracelet
Description: HEALTH BENIFITS:   ♦  Provides 3 important Energies of  Nature- ( FIR of Agni/Sun,  Anions of Air &  Magnetic energy of Earth) ♦  Protects yo
Price (All Inclusive): Rs. 2500
Energy Briefs
Category: Wellness >> Energy Brief
Description: HEALTH BENEFITS   ♦ Enhances blood circulation of the reproductive system ♦ Improves Vigour Vitality (sexual stamina) ♦ Eliminates bacterial infections &
Price (All Inclusive): Rs. 2210
Energy Socks
Category: Wellness >> Energy Socks
Description: HEALTH BENEFITS   ♦   Faster muscle recovery and healing ♦   Heals your foot kracks gradually ♦   Feel refreshed in Energy and enduran
Price (All Inclusive): Rs. 1150
Slim Patch
Category: Wellness >> Slim Patch
Description: Benefits: ► It reduces excess Fat/ Cholesterol in the abdomen region. ► It tightens the skin and Reduces the wrinkles and aging ► Since the patch consists natural extraction and appl
Price (All Inclusive): Rs. 1900
Detox Foot Patch
Category: Wellness >> Detox Foot Patch
Description: HEALTH BENEFITS:   ♦    The best detoxification product as per Japanese scientist research, removes all metabolic  wastes of chemicals and drugs from human
Price (All Inclusive): Rs. 1000
Scalar Energy Pendant
Category: Wellness >> Scalar Energy Pendant
Description: HEALTH BENEFITS:    ♦  Provides 3 important Energies of  Nature- ( FIR of Agni/Sun,  Anions of Air & Scalar energy of Sky) ♦  Str
Price (All Inclusive): Rs. 2700 | All Rights Reserved
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